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BetterBone’s dog chews are your dog’s new favorite chew! They’re made from all-natural and 100% sustainable ingredients.

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*** Winner of the Dogster 2022 Editor’s Choice dog toy of the year! ***

BetterBone’s dog chews are your dog’s new favorite chew! They’re made from two all-natural and 100% sustainable ingredients because BetterBone is serious about your dog’s and the planet’s health. BetterBones promote dental hygiene and are non-toxic.

BetterBones come in two sizes, two flavors, and CLASSIC and TOUGH varieties. Which is best for your doggo? See below.


  • Small (suitable for dogs weighing LESS than 25 pounds)
    • 3 oz
    • 5″ x 4″ x 1.75″
  • Large  (suitable for dogs weighing MORE than 25 pounds)
    • 8 oz
    • 9″ x 6″ x 2.5″


  • Unflavored (original) (unflavored BetterBones are hypoallergenic)
  • Beef (contain 2% all-natural beef dog food)


BetterBone classic bones are 15 to 20% softer than nylon. They are perfect for teething puppies, medium to mild chewers, and older dogs.


BetterBone TOUGH dog chews are made to stand up to the most aggressive chewers. They are 70% denser and more durable than the BetterBone Classic. As a result, the Tough is best suited to dogs with strong, healthy teeth and those who just love to go to town with a nice rugged chew. The BetterBone TOUGH is roughly 5 to 10% harder than nylon and is perfect for your big chewer.

BetterBone and the Environment

BetterBone is serious about providing dogs with an eco-friendly chewing experience. They’re committed to using all-natural, food-grade, sustainable ingredients. BetterBones are made from PEFC sustainably forested wood pulp/flour sourced directly from the food industry and certified renewable sugarcane oil. They also use no nonrenewable material sources in the manufacturing of their dog chews. They sustainably source their material, and adhere to the strictest REACH EU standards for chemicals and ingredients, which means that you will never find any harmful chemicals, colors, dyes, or flavors in their products.

Eco-friendly information:

  • Packaging: Recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, and plastic-free
  • Product materials: Biodegradable, compostable, vegan, and nontoxic
  • Production: Carbon neutral, sustainably sourced, and ethically sourced


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