Beef Collagen Sticks

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Beef collagen sticks for dogs can help improve mobility, reduce stiffness and pain, and give dogs a shiny coat and healthy skin.

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The pawsome benefits of beef collagen sticks:

  • anxiety and boredom buster
  • highly digestible and support nutrient absorption
  • can help improve mobility and reduce stiffness and pain
  • help give dogs a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • support dental health
  • high in protein and low in fat

Why collagen for dogs? You’ve probably heard of collagen as an ingredient in beauty products for humans, and you may be wondering what it’s doing in your dog’s chew treats. Natural collagen comes from the deepest inner layer of beef skin. This layer is called the corium, and unlike the epidermis (where traditional rawhide comes from), this soft layer is more elastic and digestible—not to mention more beneficial for our dogs!


  • Weight: 12 oz (340.2 g)


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